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Co-Brand Your Hobby Store with Remote Control Hobbies


RCH is Your Co-Branding Solution

Your visitor’s first impression impacts their decision to become a customer. Co-Branding with RCH allows you to maintain your store's identity while drawing in new customers with an industry recognized brand and industry tailored advertising services.
  • Use of industry recognized trademarked logo, drawing customers to your store with a name they trust.
  • Design of your external and internal store signage and apparel.
  • Impress your customers with the modern look and feel of an RC Hobbies store
  • Individual store webpage on
  • Web based sales of core RCH Products.
  • Products added to website following new product releases.
  • Product stock status and pricing updates performed regularly.
  • Web sales distributed geographically based on users navigation choice or IP address.
Advertising Services
Our in-house advertising program is fine tuned to the hobby industry and targets the customers you want to reach in your geographic area. This program is designed to draw in new customers while keeping your current customers engaged.
  • Bi-Weekly Facebook posts, emphasis on New Products and RC related entertainment.
  • Google Paid Search and Shopping Ads, geographically targeted.
  • Monthly Newsletter distributed to your customer List.
  • Newsletter products link to your rc-hobbies ecommerce page.
  • Monthly reporting of advertising metrics.
Business Consulting Services and POS System
We partner with Horizon Hobby's HCP+ Program to provide you with everything you need to keep your business profitable. Your plan is personalized to your individual store's needs and the most current, in demand products in the industry. Through this program, you will be provided with a state of the art, Point of Sale (POS) System, Hobby Store Management (HSM). This system has been designed specifically for the hobby store industry. You will receive business consulting and thorough training on all aspects involved in keeping your business profitable.
Services and Pricing
We offer several customized packages to suit your individual needs. HCP+ participants are eligible to receive redemption credit up to 75% of their advertising costs. Please Contact Us for assistance choosing the package that best suits your needs.